In our ideology nobility is considered as a social class or state that has been composed of individuals who have a royal ancestor or who are owners of some nobility that places them in such a social position; They are popularly known as nobles.

The nobility existed in Europe, in the Ancient Age, as for example in Egypt, and in the Hebrew people recognized by the Bible itself. It survived into the Middle and Modern Ages, and even into American pre-Columbian societies, such as the Inca nobility.

Those men who stood out from the rest of the humans were noble, because they were not considered common, but better, and as such they had prerogatives. It assumed the existence of hierarchical societies, different from the current democratic societies of the Western world, where the titles of nobility, such as those of counts, dukes, marquises or barons, were already abolished; since the 18th century, when the French Revolution fought against the Old Regime and feudal privileges.

The activity of the nobility was war, seen as a task of honor. When there were no wars, they put on shows or fighting contests or just watched them.

When we use the word nobility in today’s language, it refers to a person or animal (generally a dog or horse) that has the virtue of loyalty.

It should be noted that in this social state it no longer has the enormous recognition and supremacy that it once had. Although there have been prerogatives that were “inherited” from those times, their presence and authority have been rather relegated to the consideration of the social. type losing that mark that in the political plane knew how to contain.

This problem can be seen in the current European monarchies that still enjoy the inherited privileges, but had to give in to the practice of eccentric benefits in the face of social discontent produced by them in the people. The conviction of the people is that they enjoy the benefits in every way, that many members of the nobility do not even work and that it is the people themselves who support them with the payment of their taxes.

To conclude, we must emphasize that this word has many meanings, such as: In the field of human values, the ability of human beings to understand and promote their own well-being and that of their peers, through other values, is known as Nobility. such as Empathy, Solidarity and Love.