A neighbor is an individual who is living near another, either in a house or in a building within the same urbanization or neighborhood. Therefore, this concept will be subject to the geographical proximity that exists between people, communities or countries.

In general, relations between neighbors are usually one of cordiality and respect, important elements if you want to have a good coexistence, it is worth mentioning that a family can live for years close to others, so that with the passage of time, relationships with neighbors get stronger.

In buildings, the bond with the neighbors are necessary and unavoidable, since they have common spaces, such as a park, the elevator, the parking lot, etc. In the buildings there is what is called a condominium board, this is made up of a group of neighbors (who are elected, through the vote of all the residents of the property), who meet from time to time to discuss issues related to maintenance and payment of building services.

In the neighborhoods and urbanizations there is the figure of the neighborhood association, which is concerned that in its community the public services (water, electricity, urban cleaning) work well, in addition to addressing the problems of insecurity that exist in the neighborhood.

In short, the neighbors are like second family members, they can provide help in case of an emergency, they can be entrusted with the house (if they are trusted) in case of going on a trip. However, not everything is rosy, there are neighbors who are usually problematic, scandalous, who do not know how to respect the rules of coexistence; in this case, relations with them may not be very cordial.