It is known as Nazism, also called National Socialism, it is the name by which a political and social movement is known that ruled in Germany from 1933 to 1945. This had as its main characteristics the fact that it had an ideology of the type fascist, glorifying the supremacy of the Aryan race, also encouraging the expansion of the German empire, and at the same time imparting sentiments of anti-Semitism. Its characteristic symbol was the swastika cross. The term has its origin in the German language, specifically from the word “Nazismus” which is a shortening of the word Nationalsozialismus and which when translated into Spanish means “National Socialism”.

This ideology was characterized by being totalitarian in nature and gave great importance to the role of the State, the latter being responsible for controlling all orders and aspects of people’s lives. He himself was represented in the leadership of a superior caudillo, whose main objective was to guide the people towards a better economy and consequently towards social happiness.

National Socialism was institutionalized by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Nazism itself came to power in 1933, at the hands of its political leader, Adolf Hitler. The time during which he ruled was called the Third Reich, to refer to the third great German empire. On the other hand, its main ideological text was Mein Kampf (My battle), who was written by Hitler.

Some of the main events that triggered the racism of Nazism were the Second World War, which is responsible for millions of innocent victims around the world, as well as the genocide of the Jewish people in the death camps, as well as the destruction Germany by the Allied forces, and their subsequent division for more than four decades.

It can be said that Nazism is an expression of the fascism that ruled in Germany from 1933 to 1945. From this point of view, both fascism and Nazism were regimes with a strongly dictatorial position, which did not allow any kind of political opposition and whose main characteristic was to concentrate all power in a single leader, who intended to use great charisma as a way to lead.