Narrative text

The narrative text is the story that is made of an event that takes place in a certain place and time, this can include characters, situations, elements and events, whether real or imaginary. Each author has their own style of narration, but there are certain fundamental rules that must be known, learned and followed. Among the narrative texts you can find anecdotal facts, fables, legends, myths, stories, novels, biographies, news, advertisements and journalistic chronicles.

What is a narrative text

It is a text through which a story developed in a specific place and time is told. Its narration alludes to the way in which the story is told, its sequence or the series of situations in which each character finds itself, allowing the reader to imagine the scenes captured in the text. The characters, places and history can be real, based on verified facts or simply be imaginary.

The narrator does not necessarily have to be the author and is defined as the person in charge of telling the story to the reader, using any of the three grammatical persons that currently exist, that is, first, second or third person.

This text is used in daily communication to transmit any type of information, but it is also applied in literature when science fiction stories are created. The authors have their own style to narrate, in addition, they have general structures that can identify the texts with an introduction, development and conclusion.

The function of this text is to entertain, inform or simply tell a story, in addition, its main characteristic is that the narrator is present and gets involved with the story.

narrative text elements

In narrative texts, dialogues are produced directly, in other words, what the characters say is transcribed as they express it and their verbs are used in the present tense.

The function of a narrative text is to inform, entertain or tell a story, it has a very particular characteristic that is the presence of the narrator, who is involved with the story, whether real or fictional.

The style of the narrative text is the writer’s own, each author has their way of seeing things, of relating and telling the facts or stories, using their own language. That is why this type of text is frequently used in literature, they are usually written in prose and sometimes verse can also be used.

Bearing in mind that the narrative text is one that has real or fictitious events that take place in a given space and time, we will describe its essential elements below:

The structure

This is divided into three parts:

  1. Introduction: this is the preamble, in this first part the story to be narrated is presented and the conflict that will develop through various situations throughout the narrative is exposed.
  2. Knot: it is the body of the story, where the narrated events unfold.
  3. Outcome: it is the part of the text where the resolution of the conflicts raised in the introduction and exposed in the knot occurs.

space and time

Narrative Text - Space and time

It refers to the physical environment where the events take place.

  • Space: site or described place where events take place.
  • Time: in the time frame, “external time” is distinguished, when the events unfold, and “internal time”, referring to the time period covered by the narration.


It is the person who tells the story or facts, it is important to clarify that the author and narrator are not necessarily the same person, the narrator is only limited to telling the story.


Depending on the case, they can be grouped into:

  • Protagonists: it is usually a person and is the main character in the narrative that usually evolves throughout the story, according to the events.
  • Secondary: it can be one or several people, these characters support or complement the evolution of the protagonist, although they are generally not developed and are flat, that is, they have few features and are simple.


The speech is made in narration but other aspects such as description and dialogue also count.

Characteristics of the narrative text

The most outstanding characteristics of the narrative text are:

variety of genres

The literary genre of narrative is very broad, it is made up of stories, fables, novels, anecdotal facts, journalistic news, opinion articles and chronicles, whose objective is to transmit the events or stories to the reader.

The narrator

It is the person in charge of telling the story, it can be someone who is part of it, be its protagonist or simply a spectator who only observes and recounts the events.

Sequential story structure

Through the narration, a certain event can be made known, the purpose is to tell the story, as it happens.

importance of style

The style of each author is very important, when narrating a story the interest of the reader should be aroused, for this reason the way in which it will be done should be analyzed. Narrating a journalistic chronicle about an artistic event is different from narrating a novel.

Conclusion or moral

In this part of the narrative text, teaching or learning about the developed story can be developed.

Types of narrative text

The narration are speeches that are developed in narrative texts of different nature. The types of narrative texts are:

the literary narration

In this type of text, the author shows a well-crafted language through images and comparisons to increase expression, in order to tell a story for artistic purposes. Novels and short stories stand out in this classification.

The historical narrative

In this type of narration, the chronicle, the diary and the biography stand out. Some narratives reveal relevant events and facts experienced by a character.

The journalistic narration

The purpose of this type of narration (the news) is to publicize the events, the media used for this purpose are the media that currently include social networks for the massive dissemination of events that have occurred.

Narrative texts for children

There are a large number of narrative texts dedicated to children, pleasant writings on fictional and children’s stories dedicated to their education and recreation. In addition, they are the most practical way to teach them what storytelling is, through the reading of narrative texts for children, such as stories and tales.

short narrative texts

They are created by the authors in order to present examples, in short stories, of great literary works and thus expose the different ways that the author has to show his story.

narrative text examples

Narrative Text - Narrative stories

Narrative text example:

  • Fragment of The Aeneid, by Virgil.

    When the weapons and that man that of Trojan cans
    the first to arrive in Italy fugitive by fate and to the beaches
    lavinias, shaken by sea and violence by land
    of the gods because of the obstinate anger of Lael Juno,
    after much suffering also in the war, until he founded
    the city and brought its gods to Latium; hence the Latin people
    and the Albanian fathers and the walls of high Rome.

  • The cicada and the ant (Jean de la Fontaine).

    The grasshopper sang all summer, frolicked and rested, and boasted of his art, and when winter came he found nothing: not a fly, not a worm.
    Then he went to cry his hunger to the neighboring ant, asking him to lend him some of his grain until the arrival of the next season.
    -I will pay you the debt with its interest: -he said- before the harvest, I give you my homeland.
    But the ant is not generous at all, and this is its least effect. And I ask the cicada:
    -What did you do when the weather was warm and beautiful?
    “He sang freely night and day,” answered the carefree cicada.
    -What did you sing with? I like your freshness! Well then, start dancing now, my friend. “Do not spend your time dedicated only to pleasure. Work, and save your harvest for times of scarcity.”

It is important to mention that, on the internet, different websites name the narrative text in different ways, for example, when doing the search “Wikipedia narrative text” we can find this type of text as a narrative, giving a similar meaning to the one that has been exposed previously.

Narrative Text FAQ

What is narrative text?

It is nothing more than the story made about an event that has taken place in a certain place and time, in addition, imaginary or real people are included.

What is the narrative text for?

To tell a story, either of events that occurred or that start from the person’s imagination.

How to identify a narrative text?

It is quickly identified because in the text there is a narrator, a variety of genres (horror, romance, fantasy, mafia, etc.), a sequential structure, the author’s style and the conclusion or end of the story.

What are the parts of a narrative text?

Introduction, knot, outcome, space/time, narrator, characters, protagonists (both main and secondary) and the speech.

What is the event in a narrative text?

It is about everything that happens in the framework of the story, a kind of combination with the introduction and the knot of the story that the person has created.