Murder is directly the act of killing an individual. Considered a crime, murders are the most common infractions among people, it is estimated that the rate of deaths at the hands of another person increases day by day with the decline of society. Around this, we can only ask ourselves, why do people kill each other? What are the consequences of a murder? What are the characteristics of a murder?

Starting with the first question, we find ourselves with one of the main social diseases of the human being, power, many people commit the crime of murder in search of overcoming others, this injustice always results in the death of an individual over the that fell conditions desired by another. Added to this complex fact in today’s society is a very important factor: delinquency, this consists of taking someone else’s property by force, threatening them that if they do not deliver it, they will be killed. Murder is classified as a social disease, since the consequences of these events contract society to negative responses such as hatred, oppression and cause negative events for all in common such as wars, collective fights and in many cases confrontations. civilians.

Entering the psyche of the human being individually is hard work, but it is clear that the murderers will always have a specific reason to attack someone else, when a police officer is asked what are the circumstances under which a person murders another speaks to us of the term «Motive«, referring to the fact that the «Cause is what moves the murderer» resulting in a series of sanctions according to the «Motive of the murder«. Intentionally causing the death of a person and being discovered by a police or security entity will immediately result in imprisonment for many years. At present, there are still countries with special legislation in the case of murder, in which the culprit is subjected to an official death, previously tried legally.