It consists of excursions in the mountains that must have certain skills, techniques and prior knowledge of the area. It is an activity that has become one of the forms of recreation, going on to become an extreme sport, which ranges from just easy and simple marches to day trips in high-altitude mountains. Born in the Alps at the end of the 17th century. This term understands as only the sport in most cases because it is practiced at the top of the mountains and is known as high altitude mountaineering.

People who like to practice this form of sport climbing are known as mountaineers or mountaineers, even if they only do simple walks or excursions through the mountains or teach a mountaineering course, there are different scales of mountaineering such as low mountain that are only they dedicate themselves to exploration excursions to get to know the flora and fauna of some place, half of the mountains are a little higher and they must carry safety utensils such as ropes, pegs and carabiners; as the variety of practices that they do in the mountains among them are hiking, excursions, expeditions, sports climbing, marathons and mountain bikes among others.

Any of the mountaineering specialties can be grouped into four zones or areas, in this way it is possible to know what materials, adequate equipment and trained people are needed for a good and safe ascent of a mountain. These areas are: Walking Area which involves excursions and hiking. Climbing Area, which involves classic, sport and ice climbing. Endurance area involving medium mountain, marathons and duathlon. Specific area involving canyoning, ice skiing and mountain biking. Keep in mind that you must know each specialty well and respect the techniques and sports characteristics, and know what the training is, the appropriate materials and equipment such as food and medication for each event, among the important accessories such as the overnight equipment and the appropriate clothing and footwear, first aid equipment and communication radios, and knowing that these specialties require adequate preparation with previous practices.