Mother tongue

It refers to the first language that an individual born in a certain nation will learn and develop. Basically, it is acquired through interaction with the environment that surrounds the subject, since an infant has the ability to remember words that are mentioned to him very frequently (an ability that is not lost as he grows up), so he evaluates, in a certain way, the use that can be given to it and at what times to use it, this being, however, a little overshadowed in the future due to the fact that the words are used almost automatically and without much awareness.

If more languages ​​are mastered over time, they cannot be considered maternal, even if it is acquired through the intervention of people present in the environment and if it is the one used for daily communication. However, in some countries, two languages ​​are spoken, for example, in Catalonia, where young people grow up learning Catalan, a Romance language derived from Latin, the result of the fragmentation of Latin at the fall of the Roman Empire, as well as Spanish is taught; This type of situation not only occurs in those regions, but also occurs in different countries around the globe, such as Paraguay and Canada.

According to different linguists, such as Noam Chomsky, the first language can be learned until around the age of 12, a sufficient period to absorb what is considered the basic language for day-to-day communication. However, you can delve into all its splendor, trying to understand the different aspects it covers, in addition to its literature and the representation it entails.