The term monograph, according to sources, comes from the Greek, composed of “monos” which means “alone”, “isolated” or “unique”, in addition to the word “graphos” which means “I record” or “write” plus the suffix «ia» that is used to form abstract nouns that express a relationship to the primary lexeme. In general, the word monograph induces a written report or report on a specific topic. A monograph is generally an extensive work, that seeks to inform, is argumentative, that shows and organizes all the data collected on a certain subject or matter, from various sources and that is usually analyzed critically. There is talk of an academic type of work and it is one of the most common addressed in colleges and universities.

As mentioned above, this is a written type of work, with concise, clear language and the way of writing must be correct; which can then be explained, clarified and defined orally, with spontaneous and comprehensive vocabulary. At the time of starting a monograph, it is extremely important to introduce a topic, object of study, or issue to be able to delimit it, in order to investigate and collect all the necessary information on a given topic, giving way to the formulation of hypotheses and present elements that can disprove or not these hypotheses, with a critical sense as a personal opinion.

A monograph is generally structured by a cover where the title that reflects the object of the investigation must be entered, in addition to the name of the author, the advisor, the subject taught, institution, date and place; a dedication or thanks, which may be optional; a general index, here a list of the subtitles found in the work is made, assigning a page to each one; prologue if requested; introduction where you write about the problem on the subject, the specific objective and the general objectives of this; a body of work, here it is organized by chapters and goes from the general to the particular progressively in the exposition of the evolution and presentation of the data; a conclusion; the annexes are support materials to deepen the subject; and finally the bibliography or bibliographic sources.