The word funds comes from the Latin “fundus” that refers to an indivisible made up of the contributions of different investors that can be of different nature such as individual, group or institutional, whether private or state that have the same benefits and risks with respect to the investments they make. they are carried out by delegating the administration to a group of professionals.

In the funds there are various types such as FCI which means the federation cynologique internationale which consists of the body that is in charge of governing and promoting sinology throughout the world that consists of 84 member countries with their own pedigrees that train their judges or mutual funds which is an investment alternative that consists of bringing together the assets of various people such as natural or legal, to be able to intervene in financial instruments, to the activities carried out by the management company.

The management company is an investment alternative that consists of bringing together the assets of different persons, natural or legal, to invest them in financial instruments or activities carried out by the Management Company, which defines the value of a share or quarter, dividing the assets into equal parts, which change according to the profitability of the fund that do not expire and do not require a renewal of the money invested that can be easily recovered.

The FCIs that are the fédération cynologique internationale or mutual funds are those that provide people who save the possibility of jointly developing their savings and participating in the capital market, with the criteria and professionalism with which the big ones act.