The word mole derives from the Latin “moles” which can also be interpreted as “mass”, mole refers to the magnitude with which a quantity of components is measured, which is composed of seven physical units, when one of the seven fundamental physical units of the international method are described by an operational description, but can also be said to be dimensionally independent. On the other hand, any substance, whether it is an element or chemical compounds, is considered as elemental entities that compose it.

The mole expresses the amount of substances that acquires a certain number in an elementary way as well as the atoms, which are those that are formed by a nucleus with protons, neutrons and various orbital electrons, in which the number changes according to the chemical components. which can be found in twelve grams of carbon (12). In addition, these moles are composed of other elementary quantities such as molecules or ions. For example, it can be said that the mole is a firm substance that is not directly linked to any type of atom, because this quantity is known as the number by avogadro.

On the other hand, it can be said that Avogadro’s number is what helps experts who are in the chemistry environment make it easier for them to express the weight of atoms. When an equation is made, it is determined that a mole is equal to 6.022 x 10 raised to 23 particles, which is also a large quantity that reflects an enormous number of particles.