mixed forest

Mixed forest is known as those wooded areas where there are both species of gymnosperms and angiosperms in very similar proportions, in said forest it is possible to locate trees with wide leaves and that at some point of the year tend to lose their leaves, in that place to conifers, distinguished by their pointed and long leaves, which is characterized by having leaves throughout the year. In general, this type of forest is common in regions with a temperate climate.

The climate par excellence in this type of region is of the humid continental type, where the soil has great fertility, which allows the growth of flora, while in the slope areas the soil can be of two types, the first It is called “ranker”, characterized by having an acidic pH, with a very small amount of carbonate, which can be caused by erosion. The second type of soil is the “rendzina” which originates on a rocky subsoil.

Among the most outstanding characteristics of this type of forest are its location, which is between 40° to 60° north longitude, its soil is usually lined with moss and temperatures can vary between 20 and 10 degrees. In addition to this, in this place the passage of the seasons is well marked, on the one hand during the summer the temperatures tend to rise a little, while in the autumn the temperature decreases progressively again as winter approaches, in where the weather is generally cold, while in spring there will be a rise in temperature. It should be noted that during the winter the conifers keep their leaves intact, since they are characterized by being perennial, while the deciduous species cannot keep their leaves, for this reason there is the possibility that in these forests there may be trees with foliage. and one without

The vegetation of the mixed forest is generally very abundant, where there is a small predominance of species such as pine, poplar, fern, jasmine, sunflowers and violets, as well as the aforementioned moss.