Misanthropy is a term that comes from the Greek μίσω which means “I hate” and from άνθρωπος which is “man human being”. Misanthropy is a social and psychological form or attitude that is mainly characterized by a general aversion towards human beings, that is, it is the opposite of philanthropy, which is love of others.

A misanthrope is not one who dislikes a specific race, it is not at all towards the traits of the human being in general. He is a person who is usually unfriendly to the human race but as entities of this planet. It has different stages, it can be light or very marked, it is characterized by being from harmless, as well as social criticism, to destruction and even worse, self-destruction.

Hatred between and towards men has always existed since ancient times, as indicated by the philosophy that says that man is considered one of the greatest dangers. In the same way, ruin is based on the sensible and the passionate. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer was clearly misanthropic and wrote “Human existence must be a kind of error”.

With respect to politics, misanthropy does not express its hatred towards humanity, but despises what the human being does when he has power and when he lacks it.

Misanthropy has reached extreme cases, an example of this is the series of mass murders that have occurred in different parts of the world. Carl Panzram murdered twenty people in 1922, stating that the motive was his hatred of people.