A Minute is a unit of time that represents a relatively short period of time, since this is only the compilation of sixty instants of time, better known as seconds. The minute is one of the most intermediate units there is, useful when defining a certain precision in a time of arrival or departure, the consequence of defining a time in minutes allows whoever interprets it a greater autonomy of action, giving shorter intervals precise but that can be assessed in strides.

The minutes are usually expressed in colloquial ways when giving the time. They are divided into quarters of an hour (Fifteen minutes), in half hours (Thirty minutes), in specific intervals specific to the society that uses them, they are generically applied in any field and even though they are not part of the units designed by the system international, is based on the second, which is part of them and derived from a complex scientific study to obtain it. The etymology of the word tells us that it comes from the Latin “Minutes” which means a short moment or part of time, however this part of time is not as exact and precise as the second. In the field of physics and mathematics, it is useful to give final and definitive results to answers to problems that are calculated with seconds, a unit applied by the SI for this type of calculation.

The term minute is also used to determine a unit of measurement but at an astronomy level, it represents the angle obtained by the rotational movement of the earth obtained in one minute of time. This value is imprecise and modifiable, so it is the object of constant study from the astronomical and visual point of view. It is very interesting to take into account that the minute, the second, the hour and any unit of time appreciated by humans is constant, the end of the existence of something or someone does not stop the flow of time, clocks are nothing more than a Measuring instrument. The fact that it stops implies that it will let its mechanism work, but not the unit it measures.