Minimum wage

The basic salary or salary should be understood as the fixed remuneration that a worker receives periodically as remuneration for the provision of a professional technical service, or the simple performance of a position, within a company, and said payment is independent of the conditions, it is In other words, that it does not influence the performance of certain tasks or that they generate certain types of facts or circumstances, the basic salary is a fixed and secure remuneration for the worker, as long as he works during the entire period in which the base salary was determined.

The concept of basic salary is a very extensive term used in our language, since it designates the remuneration that a worker receives periodically as a result of the provision of a professional service or the performance of a position in a company.

That is to say, the worker or employee provides the company in which he works with his knowledge and ability to work and this as a counterpart assigns a salary whose amount will be determined at the signing of the contract.

The base salary includes concepts such as commissions, bonuses, overtime, Sundays and holidays, night surcharges, transportation assistance and other concepts that may arise from what was agreed in the employment contract.

These concepts are added only if they occur in the respective month, because if they do not happen, only the agreed basic salary is paid.

The base salary plus the variable salary factors make up the total accrual of the worker, which is the basis for calculating the different labor benefits, such as social benefits, social security, except those payments that have been agreed that do not constitute salaries.

Piece rate wage: this type of wage allows monitoring the quality of work through the product. The capitalist pays for the product of regular and superior quality. Poor quality product is not paid for. This form of wages increases the labor intensity of the worker, as he strives to do more to collect more money.

It should be noted that workers use their wages to satisfy, in principle, their basic needs and those of their family, and if they are also allowed to acquire the material things that give them pleasure.

From the above, it is clear that this income is vital for many people, especially those who have to support a house and a family, without collecting it on time, they certainly cannot, if they do not have savings, cover basic needs such as : food and also pay services and taxes.

There are several synonyms for the word salary, although the most widespread is salary.