A Metrosexual man is one who has a great interest in his physique, his looks and appearance. These behaviors that are generally related to women who are historically concerned with looking beautiful for men. Metrosexuality is considered a modern behavior, despite the fact that men of past decades also made a certain effort to look attractive, metrosexuals go further, implementing aesthetic treatments and surgeries to perfect their faces and bodies.

The Metrosexual cannot be related to a change of gender or the interest he may have in a relationship with someone of the same sex, usually the metrosexual man does this whole process with the intention of looking and feeling good about himself. As much as it is interpreted as deviant behavior, it should not be. Metrosexuals are those men who go to beauty salons to have their hair, faces, skin in general (especially tanned) and body aesthetics cared for. They spend a lot of money not only on this but on having a wardrobe that suits their lifestyle.

The term is still absent from the ranks of the RAE, but we could deduce that it derives from a combination of the prefix “Metro” that comes from “Metropolis” which means “Big City” and “Sexual” in view of the relationship between the behavior Commonly associated with women and its use on aspects of men. It makes sense in view of the fact that cities with fashion trends, propaganda and advertising encourage society to be part of a trend that is stimulated by the media and social networks. A Creole, plains or forest man does not have these customs because his heavy work ingrains a more manly and careless behavior with his appearance, instead the activities that take place in a city environment lend themselves to this type of fashion or new customs. Metrosexuality is no longer a taboo as it was at the time, the idea of ​​wanting to look like a model is now more of a collective expectation than a professional purpose.