Messenger is the best known name given to the software created by Microsoft and whose full name was Windows Live Messenger. By means of this computer program, instant communications could be established between two or more people, or in this case users of the software. Starting in 2005, Windows Live Messenger was added to a list of online service providers and according to some experts, it is believed that it exceeded the figure of 330 million users.

what is messenger

Originally, this computer program was born under the acronym of MSN and, as mentioned above, in mid-2005 it became part of the extensive list of Window Live. If we talk about MSN Messenger, then it should be mentioned as an instant messaging client whose name is used to differentiate all Microsoft messaging programs.

If we are talking about Windows Messenger, which is included with Windows XP, it is a basic instant messaging client that cannot support the basic properties of such a program, for example, images, avatars, etc.

But, if it is capable of connecting to the communications service and Exchange Instant Messaging used by several companies or institutions, in fact, the version that is known is the business version, since it allows controlling a machine remotely in a similar way to NetMeeting. In addition, it allows two connection methods, these are RVP, an old protocol that was used in versions prior to Exchange 2003, and SIP/Simple.

This software has passed through various owners, has fully evolved and remains an essential service for users. It has a history that encompasses its functionality and the world’s leading services (for example, Messenger Lite, Whatsapp messenger, and Facebook Messenger). All of that will be explained below.

Messenger’s story

Messenger could be used from any computer and some mobile devices. Despite the fact that it was originally created as a chat client, over time it grew and developed until it became a fairly complete software, which provided the client with different types of communications and file exchange.

The Microsoft company decided to progressively remove it from its interface in 2012, with the aim of replacing it little by little with its new software known as Skype, which had already achieved great popularity by then, since it allowed making telephone calls. worldwide and at very low costs.

How windows live messenger worked

In order for a person to be a Messenger user, it was necessary that they first register, since otherwise they would not be able to use instant messaging or Microsoft email. Therefore, it was necessary for them to register in Hotmail or directly in Messenger Hotmail, since both services were intertwined. The program, in addition to allowing you to speak through texts, allowed you to use normal emoticons, gif-type animated emoticons, handwriting (as is done with paint), games or sharing of shared files. You could also talk via digital camera.

Other remarkable information of the Messenger, were the shared folders that facilitated the exchange of files and the ability to send messages even if the interlocutor was not connected. From all these geniuses, the messenger has evolved a lot, so much so that currently there is no device that does not have these same features, you only need to enter Messenger, log in and talk to your contacts.

How is messenger today


There are currently several Messenger APK applications and software, dedicated to offering the instant messaging service, an example of this is the Pidgin application, a multiplatform messaging service developed under the GNU license. This chat program offers the user to connect to different chat network accounts at the same time. In other words, a person can be chatting with friends on WhatsApp, and can also talk with friends on Google talk or in a WhatsApp conversation, all at the same time.

This program runs on multiple platforms, so it works with Linux, Windows, and other UNIX-like operating systems. In addition to this, it can support different characteristics of the aforementioned networks, such as the transfer of images and files, friend icons, notifications, writing, personalized emoticons, among others. As well as a large number of plugins that extend the functionality of this application far beyond the standard features described.

Downloading Messenger is not a difficult task and most of them are free to install, so you can enjoy the service and use every feature without any problem just by opening Messenger. If some functions of the service do not appear due to system failures, then Messenger must be updated.

The most important messengers

It is no secret to anyone that the most widely used instant messaging service worldwide is WhatsApp, however, this does not mean that it is the only one or the best, in fact, according to user surveys, there are other Messenger platforms Live Chat that offer better services than the famous Whatsapp. Around the world, there are more than one free Messenger services (because its installation is completely free) that offer quality, unlimited service and a very good data savings plan.

Of course, there are other services such as Line, Instant Messaging (the one that comes from the factory with cell phones), signal, viber, wechat, Skype (which belongs to Window and has been evolving, although, currently, it is not used frequently) and Twinme. Each of them used by a smaller number of users (because of the few benefits it offers). Whatsapp, Facebook and Telegram stand out for their good service and scope, which is why they are positioned as the most important today and will be extensively developed in this section.



It is an instant messaging software compatible with different smartphone platforms. Through WhatsApp Messenger it is possible to send and receive text messages, as well as multimedia files and images, without any additional cost, this is because the communication is carried out through a mobile data plan, or failing that, with a Wi-Fi connection. Another option offered by WhatsApp Messenger is to share your location and make free calls to other users of the service regardless of where they are.

This software works by means of the user’s telephone number, therefore, all the contacts that also have the application on their devices can be viewed in the WhatsApp contact list, in this way it is possible to establish communication with them quickly. Currently, there is the possibility of installing WhatsApp Messenger for tablets and enjoying the service on that device.


Like the old Windows Live Messenger, it is known simply as Messenger. It was initially developed as Facebook chat in 2008, however, in 2010 the company decided to renew this service and chose to launch an iOS independently and in 2011 an Android application. Over the years Facebook has revamped its apps and released new software for different operating systems, launching a dedicated website, further separating the messaging function from the main Facebook app, so users can download Messenger as an app. Independent.

There is also an alternative application to Messenger, which is known as Messenger Lite, which was created by the Facebook company for those users who do not have enough space on their mobile devices, since it only occupies approximately 10 Mb, which allows you to save space and smoother navigation on older Android versions. It should be noted that it is a completely official application that offers almost all the functions of the original chat, such as establishing a conversation with another contact or a group of them, it also allows you to send and receive videos, stickers and images.


It is a messaging and VOIP platform that was developed by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. The application is focused on instant messaging, multiple file sending and mass communication. This service is managed by a self-financing organization whose main headquarters operate in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Within the functionalities offered by this service, its approach is found, since it is based on user communication, although of course, there are some exceptions, because when you want to delete the messages, they can be stored or archived in the cloud with forwarding option, thus forming quick search actions and making group calls. One of the notable functions of this service, like WhatsApp and Facebook, is the privacy setting, because if the user wishes, they can restrict their content to certain people.

It could be said that this is the best messaging alternative because its interface has many similarities with Facebook, leaving WhatsApp aside and offering better services and scope than it. Within the personal characteristics of Telegram, there is the personalization of themes, information channels (and series and movies), support of Bots and groups, which have free membership. The best? There is the option for users to incorporate new tools to improve their operation (tools that, by the way, do not come from the factory with the service).

Frequently Asked Questions about Messenger

What is Messenger?

It is a computer program through which two or more people can communicate. Currently the platform is considered a social network and there are different types of Messenger.

How to log out of messenger?

It depends on the type of Messenger you have. In the case of Facebook and WhatsApp it is necessary to change or delete the account, in the rest of the Messengers you only have to go to the configuration and select the option to close session.

How to recover deleted messenger messages?

You must select the option to see all Messenger messages, then go to the settings that are in the upper left area of ​​the app and, finally, select the archived conversations.

How to put messenger in night mode?

You have to go to the app settings and select the dark mode that is among all the Messenger options.

How to delete a messenger account?

In the chat, the user’s profile photo appears, you have to select it so that all the options appear and press “change” account, when doing so the “delete account” mode will appear and that’s it.