Mercosur is the acronym for “common market of the south” which in Portuguese is known as “Ñemby Ñemuha”, this alludes to a sub-regional space made up of the countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela, which also has as partners Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru as well as spectators to New Zealand and Mexico.

The communication of goods, services and the elements produced between countries, by the establishment of a common external tax where the community of people and the acceptance of a common commercial policy, the organization of macroeconomic policies that is the part of the economic theory that is in charge of the general study of the economy, through the analysis of aggregate economic instability such as the total amount of goods and services produced, by the total income and sectors between the states and the agreement of the legislations to achieve the strengthening of the process of integration.

Mercosur also allows the free movement of people, which is a fundamental right that assists residents of the European Union by virtue of the agreements that are exposed through the space of freedom, security and justice favored by internal borders. The official languages ​​of Mercosur according to article 46 of the Ouro Preto Protocol, which is an important complementary protocol to the Treaty of Asunción, which is an agreement signed between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, which are the founders of Mercosur.

Mercosur is considered as an economic power that has a GDP that means gross domestic product, which is a macroeconomic measure that expresses the monetary value of the production of final demand goods and services in a country or region during a given period.