This is the set of available options, which are ordered following a specific or particular order. They are a kind of guide that the consumer follows to know the variety of products that are available to him, to choose the one that best suits his situation or preference. One of the everyday conceptions for the term, are the food menus, offered in restaurants, which give the customer a range of choices that vary in price, portions and accompanying elements. Most of the time, what is visible on the menu is everything that the establishment produces, so it always aims to focus on a theme, such as Spanish or Thai food.

The menu of the day, on the other hand, is one in which different dishes are offered, but all for the same price. It is one of the cheapest options, in addition to the possibility of obtaining different meals. In addition to this, as the week goes by, the offers change and the food offered changes as well. However, the executive menu is also available, which is designed to be attractive to individuals who clearly have a higher hierarchical position; it is more expensive and the preparation is a little more exclusive. The house menu includes, mostly, the meals that identify the restaurant, that is, they are its specialty.

Similarly, the small box that contains information about something in a conventional operating system is also known as a menu. This is one of the most important elements in the design of these tools, used to speed up the use of computers.