A music lover refers to an individual who has a great passion for music, generally these types of people are attracted in a very enthusiastic way to music, to the point that they become excessive for it, even investing in she a lot of money and also her time. The etymological origin of the term comes from the Greek words “melos” which means song and “hands” which means “mania”. This was coined by the French author Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais in the year 1781. There are those who consider melomania as a kind of madness.

It is important to note that melomania is not considered as a pathology, but rather as a mania, however it does not carry any type of risk either for the person itself or for their environment, which differentiates it from others such as mythomania. . In general, these types of people are characterized by showing interest in music almost exclusively, although this term can be used to describe all those individuals who have a great taste for music, it is more often used to describe those people who have a special relationship with music in all its aspects, that is, they are passionate about its production, its lyrics, the interpretation itself, etc. If viewed from that perspective, it can then be said that those people who work in the music market are not considered music lovers, regardless of the time they dedicate to the development, production and recording of different songs. Unless they feel that special connection with what they are doing.

Despite the fact that melomania is considered to be a kind of disorder, in the musical field it is considered a very good thing, since it is very common for this type of people to have great knowledge regarding the genre that causes them the greatest passion, since that, for example, a person who has a great taste for jazz, can know data regarding composers, singers, dates of performances and albums, historical data, etc.