Megalophobia is the panic that people feel for big things, but we are not referring to things that, no matter how big they are, are normal in size, for example airplanes, they are objects that in their nature have a large size, however megalophobes would not be afraid of airplanes since that is the natural size that they present in their composition, fear actually occurs when objects that usually have any dimension, whatever it is, are presented in a much larger size the usual a giant hamburger that appears on a billboard.

The intimidation that megalophobes may feel is reflected in external symptoms such as excessive sweating, tremors, dizziness and nausea. The fear that they may feel for giant things also leads them to problems in society, because those who suffer from this phobia limit themselves to being close to large things out of fear, even if they do not affect or harm the person.

Experts assure that Megalophobia could be associated with inferiority complexes created by situations of insufficiency or need, in which as a child people who had more or big things intimidated the affected person, generating a fear of things that somehow they cannot possess for their size, cost or possibility of accessing them. This fear, like many others, is solved by having the patient face their fears through progressive therapy, while taking medication to counteract the physical symptoms if they are present.