Meego is an operating system that was born after the union of two projects that Intel and Nokia had separately: Moblin and Maemo respectively, which are distributions with a particular characteristic, both are set under Linux, the most popular free software in the world. . It was at the beginning of 2011 when the two large companies announced the creation of a new operating system under different characteristics but for the same terminal. So the idea that we know today as Meego was developed.

After several fixes and solutions to problems that did not generate stability, Meego finally comes to light, and its characteristics include the inheritances left by its two creators, the startup speed, the use of QT interfaces, the enormous capacity to support software. with or without a license, the handling of the browser and the advantages that the fact that the Linux Foundation is in charge of the project and not Intel or Nokia as it was weighed at a certain point.

What conclusion do we come to? The operating system will be the projection that Linux will have in the coming months to join the world of smartphones, tablets and laptops. And not only that, but it will also be ideal for enthusiastic free software developers who navigate the world of the Linux kernel on a daily basis. The first computers with this operating system are already on sale