A mediocre person is someone who is unable to carry out activities satisfactorily or who does not make enough effort so that they are appreciated by the community. Likewise, an object is mediocre when it does not meet the quality standards imposed and, therefore, cannot carry out the activities for which it was designed. Generally, this is applied to subjects with qualities, skills and goals that do not meet expectations, are insufficient.

what is mediocre

It is thus called an average level of some quality, aspect, individual, situation or quality of something. It is also a pejorative term to refer to someone who does not try hard enough to perform a quality activity, refuses to improve in any aspect, or lacks skills.

The word can be used in many ways: a mediocre love is a way of half loving; in other areas, such as in the governmental sphere, there are mediocre politicians, who are inefficient leaders who do not strive for the well-being of citizens; The phrase “luck is for mediocre” is used because it is understood that whoever has and leaves everything to chance without making an effort, represents an attitude of mediocrity.

Mediocre etymology comes from the Latin “mediocris”, which means “common”, “ordinary” and “average”. The concept of mediocre RAE defines it as something of average or poor quality, with little merit; therefore a synonym for mediocre can be “regular”; and the term mediocre in English is spelled the same way.

mediocre mentality


There is a pattern in the way of thinking in an individual with mediocre thinking, which starts from the negativity in his own life and spreads it to the people around him. Among other characteristics that define this mentality, there are:

  • They make decisions to ingratiate themselves with other people so as not to lose their appreciation.
  • They do not focus on a target and are scattered.
  • They usually notice more the negative aspects in everything and everyone.
  • They excuse their failures.
  • They are little involved in activities and interpersonal relationships.
  • They feel less privileged when it comes to opportunities.
  • Other people’s chances of success make them envious.
  • They believe that life is not fair to them.

The term, in conclusion, is used in a vulgar sense to offend individuals who have the above characteristics, who live a life of mediocrity.

mediocre objects

This concept can be applied not only in people or attitudes, but also in the industry. Products that have been manufactured without following protocols of quality standards are known as mediocre objects, which, consequently, cannot be useful for the purpose for which they were supposed to be created or whose useful life is very short.

If the objects are named with this qualifier, it usually means that they are of low quality and are not meeting expectations. These objects can often also be those that do not meet the characteristics that their manufacturer attributes to them, that have a poor finish or that do not meet minimum safety requirements.

the mediocre man

It is the title of a book published in 1913 by the author José Ingenieros, which exposes two types of personalities and their performance in society, which are that of the superior and the mediocre individual, establishing differences between the roles of both in aspects of life.

The superior or ideal carves out his destiny, attributes transcendence to any situation and stands out above social values. On the other hand, the mediocre or inferior discards the ideal by putting what is convenient and does not break schemes to protect what was previously established so as not to have to make contributions or transcend and is full of vices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mediocre

What does it mean to be a mediocre person?

It is that individual who does not make an effort to improve or stand out, does not make great contributions, is satisfied with the minimum and does not show interest in transcending.

What does it mean to have a mediocre mindset?

Having a mediocre thought pattern is characterized by negativity, lack of focus, vices, withdrawal, laziness, envy and minimal effort.

Who is the author of the book “El hombre mediocre”?

It was written in 1913 by the Italian polymath writer Giuseppe Ingegnieros, better known as José Ingenieros (1877-1925).

Is mediocre an insult?

For a person who has aspirations to improve and change, the term means an offense.

What is the meaning of mediocre according to the Bible?

It refers to the lack of vision, the lack of a purpose, not bearing good fruit, the opposite of excellence or not going the extra mile.