Mechanical energy

Energy is the ability to move or transform an object, through some force or process, this being a property of matter. In Mechanical Energy this process is physical and the name given to it is Work and operation is by means of a mechanism or a machine.

Mechanical energy is that in which the movement of bodies and the position they represent before another are taken into account. Although in other terms mechanical energy is also known as the result obtained in the sum of the potential, kinetic and elastic energy that a moving body can present, this is seen more than anything in the academic training of people who study physics. .

On the other hand, it is also said that mechanical energy is the ability of those bodies with mass to do work. Always remembering that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is transformed or conserved, and therefore mechanical energy remains constant over time due to the interaction of mechanical force between particles that are intervening in that force.

There are various types of mechanical energy, among them are hydraulic energy, in which benefits are obtained from the potential energy generated from the movements of the water, and from there electrical energy is obtained, for example, a dam in operation. Another type of mechanical energy is wind energy, which is produced by the wind, and one way of being used is through the operation of a windmill.