Meals are those nutrients in the form of food that are eaten to survive. Feeding is known as the process that an individual develops consciously to eat and drink these foods, which gives rise to the mechanism of biology that receives the name of nutrition (through which the body assimilates food). The menu of this can vary according to the region in which a person is, for example, if you are in Mexico, it is common to consume different types of Mexican food or, failing that, junk food .

what is food

Food can be defined as a quite feasible influence on culture, economy and society. It is a series of foods that, prepared according to food recipes, are consumable by both humans and animals. People consume food and the different existing drinks to nourish themselves, in fact, there is a schedule to do it and it is divided into 4: Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Breakfast is positioned as the first meal of the day (in the morning hours). Lunch is consumed in the midday hours, the afternoon snack takes place approximately in the afternoon and, finally, dinner, which is consumed during the first hours of the night.

When junk food is mentioned, we are actually talking about foods rich in fat, condiments, salt, products with excess chemicals and even sugar, which, when consumed regularly, can be harmful to health.

Food can also be a cultural reference, as a regional identification, since people can refer to a place according to the food preparation or recipes that characterize it, the most common example is Japan. Japanese food has a diversity of dishes, the best known being Sushi with Sake, a drink originating in that same country. And just as it works there, it has the same impact in China, Mexico, Venezuela and even Argentina.

Importance of food in the world

Gastronomy is important in every corner of the world because each plate of food represents the culture of towns, cities and countries regardless of whether they are large or small. Food not only conveys the flavors combined in each ingredient, but indirectly provides insights into the lifestyle of people in a given region, their customs, their culture.

Food elements

These elements are nothing more than the nutrients that are related to each food that is consumed daily. among them are:



They are known for having a very sweet taste and their primary function is to provide energy to the entire human anatomy. Carbohydrates are originally found in legumes, fruits, vegetables, etc. Although they are also very present in meals and prepared foods such as soft drinks, sweets, sweets, etc.


These are at least 20 amino acids that come together to form what are known as proteins, those that act in the body to achieve muscle and tissue regeneration.


These give the body a lot of energy, but when there is too much fat in the body, it tends to suffer from abnormalities or diseases.

Fats have an important classification that denotes their type and correct location. The saturated ones are born in animals, the monounsaturated ones are found in olives, olive oil and avocados and, finally, the polyunsaturated ones found in seeds and oils (better known as omega 3). Fats, in any of their types, should be minimal in food for diabetics.


Just as fats and carbohydrates do, lipids make the body energetic during the day, however, they also have another function and that is to provide an adequate temperature to the body, as well as keep it regulated.

Mineral salts

These are the neutral salts that keep the metabolism in complete control. Mineral salt is known as table salt that is frequently used in food, in fact, if it is not used, it tends to be said that the culinary dish turned out to be very tasteless.


These nutrients are not generated by the body, therefore, they must be consumed through daily food. They are imperative in the body because in their absence, the subject weakens and suffers from serious metabolic problems.

inorganic compounds

These are inorganic compounds or elements that the body cannot produce, however, they are found in foods, food supplements and special medicines. Minerals, water and nitrogen are part of these compounds.


They are elements of great importance for the body, not only at a metabolic level but also structurally, since some minerals work in the bones, for example, calcium.

Types of food

Meal 2

There is all kinds of cuisine in the world, each country has a specific typical dish and leaves a bit of its culture in it. Among the most prominent are Chinese, Venezuelan, Italian, Lebanese, Japanese, Vietnamese, vegetarian, Peruvian, Mexican, Indian and vegan food. Gastronomy has made it possible for dishes from all these countries to be found worldwide, they can even be prepared at home or simply take the food home.

Typical foods by region

Each country has a typical dish, for example, Chinese food is characterized by spicy and very extensive dishes. It is not a single meal that represents the entire country, but several dishes whose origin is from a specific region and their ingredients vary around that.

Sweet and sour pork is one of the Chinese specialties, just like spring rolls and dumplings. Now, regarding the Italian, it is mostly about pasta and the famous pizza. Most of these gastronomic dishes can be found in online food games.

Vegetarian Food

They are characterized by having foods rich in nutrients. All vegetarian meals are made up of vegetables or, failing that, fruit, excluding 100% meat for the simple fact of having animal origin. Vegetarians in the western world are allowed to consume eggs, milk and even cheese, however, meat, whether red or white, is totally prohibited.

There are many vegetarian food dishes taken into account as healthy food recipes, from cereals to the so-called fruit salads, tofu, vegetable salad, etc. Vegetarian desserts are prepared with fresh fruits.

vegan food

Many believe that being vegan and vegetarian is exactly the same thing and the truth is that it is not, both may have similarities but there is a specific characteristic that totally differentiates them. While vegetarians agree to consume milk, cheese and eggs, vegans do not. They consume only foods such as fruits and vegetables, completely leaving aside products of animal origin.

Fast food

This type of gastronomy is quite common in the world due to how easy and fast its preparation can be, in addition, it is characterized by containing ingredients with too many fats, sugars and condiments and although its flavor is unmatched, its habitual consumption can reach to cause severe illness in people.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas, nachos with creams, etc., are some of the examples of this kind of food.

Mexican food


Mexico is a country with a wide list of foods and desserts, all derived from its culture that has been passed down from generation to generation. Mexican cuisine is as rich and palatable as Italian, Japanese and even Chinese. The dishes vary according to the Mexican territory that is visited, but what most have in common is their spicy flavor, since chili is one of the typical foods of that country.

This gastronomy has a great influence on French, Asian, Spanish and even African cuisine, since most of the meals originated in what is known as pre-Hispanic Mexico.

It is impressive to say that the condiments and the way of cooking in many countries is inspired by Mexican gastronomy and it is not for less, since each dish is unique. Within everything that is known as the typical food of Mexico, we can talk about the Taco, the enchilada and the pozole, however, that does not mean that various Mexican food recipes are not carried out for a change.

Traditional Mexican food includes tamales and quesadillas, each with special and characteristic ingredients of that territory, including corn, chili, cocoa, beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, red meat and cereals of all kinds. type.

In Mexico, it is quite common to eat meals in a row, these are characterized by containing fast-cooked food and are requested by workers who, being at their jobs, cannot return home for lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions about Food

What does food mean?

These are nutrients that enter the body through food. Food can also be interpreted as a cultural, economic and social influence, which is why it tends to vary according to the region in which a person is located.

How do you say food in English?

In English the correct term for food is food. If it is junk food, the term is junk food, if it is healthy food, it is called healthy food.

What is the food for?

Food serves to provide nutrients and vitamins to both humans and animals, since in each food there are a series of proteins, vitamins and minerals that nourish and strengthen the body. In addition, it serves to keep the person who consumes the food satiated.

What is the traditional food of Mexico?

This country is quite famous for its spicy foods and excessive use of chili, but one of the main foods in Mexico is the taco, enchiladas, mole, tamales and escamoles.

How is Chinese food prepared?

This type of gastronomy carries a lot of vegetables, white and red meats, seeds, rice and some typical sauces of the Asian country. Generally the vegetables are fried with the sauce, then the previously cooked meats are added and then the rice. The recipes can change according to the type of Chinese food that you want to prepare.