The word masturbation is made up of Latin roots, in the real academy they define masturbation as “stimulation of the genital organs or erogenous zones with the hand by another means to provide sexual enjoyment”, its lexical components are “manu” which means ” mano”, “turbare” means, “to shake, to put in disorder and alteration”, the suffix “ción” which is from “action and effect”. Masturbation is part of people’s lives just like sexual habits, because sexual behavior can be said to be healthy.

Masturbation is done by both women and men, due to the incitement of the genital organs, which is in charge of the functioning that is linked to sexual reproduction, which has elements that generate sexual pleasure, reaching orgasm or not. . Masturbation can be performed by a single person alone or as a stipulation that is made on the genitals of another individual who has the same pleasurable purposes, as well as happens in mutual masturbation, which is when two or more subjects are stimulated without the need for penetration such as vaginal, anal or oral, it can be said that the most common is that they do it with their hands but various sex toys can also be used, so that they can have that type of excitement.

In addition, mutual masturbation is seen in both homosexual and heterosexual subjects that occurs as a habitual practice, when they do not have the facility to reach orgasm, because it is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension or as a complementary way to links with penetration. In the teens masturbation occurs because they are just getting to know their sexuality or because they don’t have a private place to go.=”http:>

On the other hand, it is said that masturbation can also be practiced if one of the participants suffers from an illness or is in the last days of her pregnancy.