Freemasonry is the name of a secret society that was formerly known under the name of Freemasonry, for its Latin meaning which was “free masons”, this was a group that functioned for much of the Middle Ages. There are experts who affirm that it is possible that its origins are in Ancient Egypt, however the oldest written testimonies found date back to the fourteenth century. As for its symbols, these are inspired by the activities of the old masons and building builders, since they were the first to embrace their ideology, however with the passage of time it spread to various sectors of society, especially later. of the creation of the Grand Lodge of London in 1717.

With respect to its members, known as the Freemasons, they formed a fraternity of an initiatory and hierarchical nature, which was constituted in lodges. As for their ideology, they declare themselves rationalists and with inclinations towards philanthropy, in addition to that they assure that their objectives are the search for truth, the development of society and the progress of the human in moral aspect.

In that same context, it can be said then that Freemasonry can be seen as a tool for moral formation, which makes use of the symbolism of construction as a kind of correlate of the moral development of man. From there derives the fact that its members have to go through a series of learning processes in order to be able to develop the ability to listen, reflect and dialogue, so that in this way, they can serve as transmitters of such values ​​in their environment.

Within Freemasonry certain levels of hierarchy can be distinguished, among which the following can be mentioned: apprentices, this is the initial and lowest degree, made up of the most novices, then the companions are located at this level, learning takes place In third place there are teachers, already at this hierarchical level the mason can actively participate in all the aspects that this organization entails.

One of the most distinguishable aspects within Freemasonry was its character as a secret organization, but over the years it lost that characteristic. It should be noted that this organization does not have a religious character, which is why it has received endless criticism and opposition from the different religions of the world, but especially from the Catholic Church.

It is important to point out that the aforementioned lodges perform the functions of base groups, that is, they do not imply the fact of being the authority, since they generally respond to a superior organization known as the Grand Lodge.