Act of marriage commitment by contract led by the priest to two people, in the East the act of getting married was a contract that was consummated with solemn promises and payment of money, which could only be broken with divorce.

A day in which the real protagonists are the couple who become husband and wife at the beginning of a new stage in their relationship. The meaning of getting married can also be applied to the authority that officiates at the marriage.

For example, it can be said that a priest married the couple in a ceremony held in the city church. The act by which two people decide to unite their lives in marriage is a reason for happiness for the closest environment that becomes a witness of the ceremony through their attendance at the wedding.

The couple decides to share their special day with those people who really have a meaning in their lives. The truth is that wedding traditions vary according to the historical moment and the cultural context.

There are decisions that have more meaning than others throughout life. And one of the ones that has the biggest footprint is getting married, since it is positive that the person takes his time to meditate on this situation in order to make sure that he takes this step with the right person.

That is, marriage should not be frivolized just because, in the event that the relationship does not work out, it is possible to separate. Starting a marriage with this thought shows little steadfastness of love. There are couples who spend a lot of time planning their wedding as if it were the only day of their lives.

The truth is that it is convenient to put things in their proper context to remember that the wedding day is the beginning of a new stage, but love is constantly reinvented as couples evolve.

The common decision to marry or not can also be a reason for conflict in a couple since, sometimes, one of them wants to take the step while the other prefers not to. It can also happen that one of the two wants to get married in the church, while another prefers to do it civilly.