Marketing is a commercial career that consists of the administration of goods and services, as well as being in charge of the set of laws and establishments so that a product is part of the competition. What marketing is looking for is that a good or service has a favorable impact on society, in the same way, marketing expressly works on strategies and evaluates possibilities of making offers or better types of demands, all under an environment of profit, in the that every effort is made to make the product attractive while generating profit for the company that manufactures it.

Marketing, also known under the idiom “Marketing” bases its principles on the advanced, fluctuating and constantly evolving economy, the reason why different prices and promotions are always appreciated in the market, is because the company’s marketing agent is working in search of a better face of the product, this face must always remain young, fresh and pleasing to the eye of the customer, the main work tool. To analyze a group of clients, field studies are carried out in which the needs and scope that a product may have in society are evaluated, for this communication-based tools, surveys, contests, promotions, offer packages are used. and more, they are the bases of the position of a product on the shelves of a store.

The organization of marketing in a company is based on guarantees, since those who execute the procedures around this issue must make the consumer understand that what they are acquiring is a high-quality product or service, necessary and that it will meet all the expectations that they have. have. The client will always be demanding, no matter the social stratum in which the analysis is done, he always takes the baton of excellence in a marketing study, in order to give the company a good air and thus contribute to the development of the business. Marketing also has the difficult task of expanding the products it offers to other horizons, I am not referring to international aspects, although it is also its own resource, I am referring to the placement of products that are not commonly seen in a focus of society that he does not know them. An example of this is Sushi in Latin America, small Japanese gastronomy franchises have been established in the countries of Central and South America, in a fearful strategy that in the long term began to bear positive fruit, despite the fact that it was a very little food. known by the inhabitants of this side of the world.