A marketing company is one that, as its name implies, is responsible for marketing a finished product. We could say then, that the reason for being of a trading company is to market an existing or manufactured product and / or service. Thus, the marketer is in charge of giving the conditions and organization of a product and / or service for sale to the public. Unlike manufacturing companies, trading companies do not produce or make the product, they only sell it once it is purchased from the manufacturing sector.

Usually, traders sell products or services wholesale, to large, medium and small businesses or also directly to the public, which is known as retail. Although the main difference between marketers and manufacturers is that the first markets and the second produces, there are many companies that carry out both activities and therefore are classified as both; Such is the case of the multinational Exxon Mobil, which as a manufacturer is in charge of the extraction of oil and other energy sources, to later transform them into fuels, and which as a marketer sells these products at specific points of sale, such as stations. Mobile service.

The Swedish chain of furniture stores, IKEA, is another example of manufacturing and marketing companies, since it is a manufacturer of brown lines and other interior decoration items and is in turn a physical store that is in charge of the sale, both to wholesalers and the general public of these products. Many of the largest companies in the world are marketers, as is the case of the chain of stores Walmart Stores Inc., which acquires its products from other manufacturing companies and then sells them in their stores, directly to the consumer.

However, not all marketers have an infrastructure as a means of marketing products; For example, the shopping website, Amazon, is a clear example of a marketing company in the new digital age, since it uses manufacturers to buy an infinity of products, which are later offered for sale on its Internet page.