A map is an image or representation where a determined territory is shown graphically from longitudinal measurements on a two-dimensional surface, on a plane, routes are identified to establish destinations from one point to another, in this representation localities are located, and also They can observe the different types of terrain that this surface can present. Historians and cartographers believe that Thales of Miletus drew the first world map where the world appears as a disk floating on water.

what is map

As mentioned before, it is a highly graphic representation of a specific region or territory, this is achieved through a two-dimensional surface.

The term can also be defined as a schematic layout or drawing whose objective is to represent all the determining characteristics of a specific country or territory, for example, its coordinates, dimensions, geographical aspects, among others.

These representations can capture the territories under different dimensions, this means that they can be seen globally as the world map, local, regional as the states of Mexico map, continental as the map of Europe or the map of America.

This term comes from the Latin map which means drawing of the earth, however this concept has been extended to another type of search for places, points of the system and portions of territory.

history of maps

Map - Old Map

The oldest cartographic representations date from 5,000 years ago and are of Babylonian origin. In addition, unlike the current ones, they were made on tablets. The following representations were created in ancient Greece, when travelers began to capture each explored route, in fact, history says that the first map of the world was created by Thales of Miletus.

Of course, over the years each plane evolved thanks to the studies of various scholars and experts, for example, Aristotle was in charge of measuring the angles of the earth’s inclination with respect to the equator, marking the history of these representations.

There are also traces of representations in the second century BC in China, which were created with silk and were more extensive than those mentioned above except for the world. Of the many ancient representations, the most primitive and interesting was the geographical map, which was created with a network of cane fibers and its creators were the city dwellers of the Mashall Islands. In this map, you can see the positions of the islands and coordinates can be easily obtained.

But the Inca and Mayan civilizations also had the need to create these planes, even more so when they traveled the world with the intention of conquering land. In its beginnings, the plans were momentarily drawn on wet earth, sand or any other element, even on skins, but over the years, they evolved until they were captured on fabrics and paper. Currently they can be seen virtually and everyone has direct access to them.

map types

Although it is true that the plans have simplified various human activities on a large scale, given the summary of the search for a destination, different types have also originated in which the distribution of a wired system or network of elements that make up a route, passage or trajectory. These types are as follows:

subway map

It is a topological type map of the subway, in fact, experts define it as a diagram that captures all the existing connections between geographical points in a clear and clean way, condensing all the information in a legible and orderly way, using different colors and geometric shapes harmoniously.

metrobus map

It’s a map of Mexico, only it focuses on the metrobus and all the systems that make it up. This map shows all the public transportation corridors of CDMX.

Political map

It is a plane made on a small scale that represents the political and administrative divisions of a territory in order to differentiate them from each other. One of these techniques is to separate the political regions by colors to call it in some way, this makes it easier for us to locate localities, provinces, cities that correspond to a country.

World map

Map - World Map

It is a cartographic type representation that shows the entire surface of the earth. The main material to capture the representation is paper, however, it is important to mention that previously, the material used was skin. According to its shape, it can be a globe or simply a planisphere of the earth.

Topographic map

These types of representations are responsible for describing all the characteristics of the earth’s surface and have been created thanks to various satellites.

Touristic map

They are responsible for pointing out all the points that may be of interest to tourists visiting a given territory.

Road map

It is nothing more than a geo-topographical representation in which all the traffic routes and the geographical elements that are useful for the person who is driving a car are reflected.

thematic map

These are those that have a design focused on certain special or particular characteristics, so that they can describe everything about the activity of people in a certain territory.

hydrographic map

They are those that are in charge of describing all the sources of water found on the surface of the earth, for example, the seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, among others.

google maps

It is nothing more than a server that shows the plans of the whole world on the web. With it you can see the images of each cartographic representation and, in turn, they can be easily moved. Each image is distributed by the world’s satellites and provides routes and locations.

Map of the Mexican Republic

According to historical traces, the first map known on the continent and that is still preserved today in the xólotl codex, is the map of Mexico.

There are various writings that narrate the events of the arrival of the Chichimecas to the Acolhuacan region and the regions could be explained and found thanks to the map. This was made by the first Mexican tribes around the years 1580 and 1648, just at the time when the Mexica war took place and when they were able to achieve their independence.


The first map of Mexico was created by Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora right in the colonial era, that is, in the seventeenth century between 1645 and 1700. It is considered the first due to its scientific value and because it covered the entire Mexican territory. when it was still a colony.

In addition to this, it was the first map of New Spain made by a Mexican, for which the creator is considered the first modern geographer of the country. But later this representation had certain modifications, more due to the expansion of the territory than anything else, in fact, in 1753 the map of Mexico City was created and its creator was José Antonio de Villaseñor y Sánchez.

The entire city, including its buildings, was captured on that map, so it was quite accurate, and it also had mathematical annotations.


Mexico is a fairly vast territory, even more so when seen from a plane, however, two centuries ago it was a larger territory and then it was losing regions, although of course, that will always depend on the time due to the independence movements of the past centuries.

Currently there are various maps of both the cities and the country at a general level, which is why in this aspect the map of Mexico with names and the rest of the existing maps of the territory will be captured.

Frequently Asked Questions about Map

What is a map?

It is nothing more than a cartographic representation in which territories, regions, continents, among others, can be captured.

What is a world map?

It is a plane in which it represents all the details and characteristics of the world. It is usually done on paper and its shape can be like a globe, showing its circular shape, although it can also be seen as a planisphere.

How is the symbology of a map?

Everything depends on what is intended to capture, usually they are symbols that seek to represent rivers, seas, mountains, objects, economic activities and even ideas.

What is a map for?

It serves as a guide so that people can locate a certain territory or place. They also serve so that subjects can study the geography of a specific place or simply understand it.

What is a political map?

It is the one in which the representation is about the political division of a specific country or territory.