A manuscript is a text that contains information that has been written by hand in any flexible and manageable medium, such as; a paper, a parchment or a papyrus, these are documented or written with materials such as the ink of a pen, a ballpoint pen, a graphite pencil, etc.

A manuscript is a kind of document written by hand on paper or papyrus and represents, within a historical approach, the main source of knowledge. Most of the time this term is used to refer to a text written in handwriting by a recognized author and therefore, will add historical value to said document.

Due to technological advances, communication between people (when talking about texts) has become more digital, which is why it is normal to associate the word manuscript with ancient or ancestral, however, any document written by hand can be considered a manuscript, a letter is an example of a modern manuscript. In the same way, with this name, reference is usually made to the writings made by famous or recognized authors or writers for creating literary works in the world of knowledge and are of great relevance in human history.

The history of manuscripts is very old, these being a fundamental part of great cultures. Its main function was to transmit stories, knowledge or beliefs to the following generations or to other cultures. Among the oldest creators of manuscripts are the Scribes of Ancient Egypt, a fact that has been confirmed thanks to the discovery of the oldest handwritten text, an ancient papyrus dating from the years 2914-2867 BC and found in the tomb Hemaka, a high official of Pharaoh Den, located in the Saqqara necropolis, although the hieroglyphic signs that have been written in this manuscript have not survived.