There are multiple definitions to use this word, among them is clothing, expression, word, geology or night sky. In general, the name mantle is given to a blanket that protects, covers or covers someone or something.

In the case of clothing, a garment intended to cover or protect the cold is known as a mantle, in ancient times it was used by the nobility and its fabric depended on the status of the person wearing it. It also has symbolic or religious meaning as in the case of the sacred mantle in popular traditions. In the case of geology, the Earth has three layers that are different from each other, which are separated from intermediate menare by said terrestrial mantle, which is a rocky region with a high temperature and this is to provide the seismograph data and the movements of tectonic plates.

Also, it is known as a mantle in geology as a phreatic or aquifer which is created by water from rain seeping into the subsoil creating pockets of water in the internal structure of planet Earth. In the case of forests, there are forest mantles and their vital function is the natural maintenance of the habitat. In the case of the stars or the cosmos, the mantle is known as the number of stars that cover the sky, the moon and the planets that make up the stellar mantle, which has also been used for poetic concepts to talk about the astronomical reality.