It is that condition that animals or human beings can present, in which the organism is not receiving the necessary nutrients to be able to carry out its activities in a normal way or, on the contrary, an excessive amount of them is received, as a consequence of not having a balanced diet.

The term is commonly confused with “malnutrition”, which is defined as the situation in which the affected individual is not being well nourished and, therefore, cannot produce energy; This refers to the fact that the body uses the available accumulated fat to remain stable in all its processes, making the patient very thin and weak.

This disease has two faces: malnutrition and excessive feeding stimulation, the first, explained above, causes 6 million deaths in children every year, due to lack of resources in excluded countries, as well as irresponsibility on the part of those in charge of caring for infants; the second, in the same way, is very serious, since it is a common cause of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and cancer; its modus operandi is simple: it makes the body stop trying to get energy, since it has a lot of accumulated fat, slowing down the metabolism.

It is known, with certainty, that obesity is devastating and it is estimated that there are at least 1,000 million people with this condition. Some scholars agree that we are going from a world with undernourished people to one full of overweight. Even so, hunger has not been eradicated on the planet and it is an unexplained phenomenon, because twice as much food is produced, that is, it can feed the entire world population multiplied by two.