Malleable material is described as all objects that can change their form of presentation without breaking, that is, they are those types of materials that can be presented in sheets, be hyperextended, without suffering damage or injury to their structure; In other words, said materials acquire any shape and support said transition since they do not present noticeable damages, some metals that are classified as malleable are tin, copper, aluminum and many more, first of all these materials are measured for their ductility capacity (it is exerts pressure to modify its structure), thanks to this its malleability will be observed.

Some of the materials that are highly malleable are gold and aluminum; An example where the malleability capacity of aluminum is demonstrated are the wrappers used in the kitchen called “foil”, these without exerting much pressure modify their shape without breaking completely; On the other hand, gold is also a highly malleable metal, thus allowing it to be arranged in very thin sheets for jewelry. Gold is one of the most valued metals in the entire world and its use dates back to ancient times.

According to the concept exposed, the word “malleable” is not only used for objects, it can be used to describe a person, it is said that malleable people have a docile character and are easy to handle or manipulate, this being a human being. easy-going human, sensitive, sweet, obedient, and with an immense thirst for learning, that is, he does not rebel against any order from outsiders.