Maintenance is a benefit that children and adolescents have by right from birth, this benefit must be granted only by their parents or, failing that, the legal representative they have, who are generally blood relatives; This must cover the basic needs of said child or adolescent, such as: food, health, clothing, recreation and, most importantly, education. It is important to note that the amount awarded for child support will be stipulated by law, this should not be less than necessary to cover the aforementioned basic needs that the child has.

When the parents are separated, it is important that this rule is not broken, even though one has custody, this does not free him from his obligation as the father or mother of said child, this means that living with him or not that person still must ensure that the needs of said child are covered until the latter reaches the age of majority; for this it is important that the ex-spouses sit down to discuss what are the needs and requirements of the child they have in common, when reaching an agreement between the two, the amount of money that can be covered with child support must be postulated, as said before, it must not be less than the expenses that the minor has, but it does not have to be a sum that triples the expense already stipulated.

On occasions where the parents cannot agree due to the millions of differences that exist between them, the maintenance of the child they have in common must be set by the superior entity of Justice that the governmental state in charge possesses; For them, the court must take into account different factors in the life of both parents such as: socio-economic level, if they have a constant salary, the value of the salary that each parent has and the most important, the needs that must be covered by the minor. age in question. It is important to emphasize that maintenance is the obligation of both parents, not all the monetary charge is from the counterpart that does not live with the child.