A lover is a person who accompanies another in a kind of loving relationship mainly of a sexual nature. Similarly, this definition is also used to mention or demonstrate some feeling of love. It all depends on how the situation is.

When a person ardently loves someone or something they are usually called a lover. An example would be: “Oscar is a football lover, he doesn’t miss a single game.” Or in another sense, «Maria is my lover and my wife, she knows how to love me and satisfy me in everything».

The expression has also been used in the beginning to refer to a supported woman, whose consumption is canceled by a man in a very stable position so that they have a comfortable or sophisticated standard of living, and in this way she is made available to him. to be able to offer him sexual pleasures when he wants it. The role of this woman can be changing between that of a lover and a damsel, living on account of her situation and the scenarios. Although nowadays the word lover is also used to refer to a female lover of a man who is married to another woman; In the case of a man without any commitment, the term girlfriend or partner is usually used, however, it also falls under the concept of lover.

The expression also alludes to the woman and the man who love each other. However, the concept is usually used for informal or clandestine couples, that is, they are not socially accepted.

Therefore, the main distinction between being concubinage and being lovers is that, in the second case, the lover does not have a legal or social status, that is, it is a secret relationship that is kept hidden, above all. everything from the family, from the wife and children and that very few people close to them will be able to know the situation, generally some of their friends are the ones who on many occasions are the ones who help them to be able to meet.