The word lingerie is a term widely used by all to define a specific type of clothing, such as underwear, bed linen and swimwear. This type of clothing is characterized by the softness of its fabrics and the lace embroidery, which is very subtle.
However, the area where the term lingerie is mostly applied is in ladies’ underwear, so much so that in recent years the word lingerie is only associated with sensual women’s underwear. Now, in the nineties, lingerie is also applied to men’s underwear.

The truth is that when talking about women’s or men’s lingerie, they will be talking about underwear.

Most women always want to look externally groomed, however, intimate lingerie should never be neglected since these garments usually reflect the identity or character of the woman, as well as her state of mind and the intentions that she may have. . This is why there are different types of lines, all for a different taste:

There is the sporty and comfortable lingerie, which is usually made of cotton fabric and is so nice that some of them don’t even feel it. They are the favorites of women for day to day, standing out those with plain fabrics and sober prints. These types of garments do not need much care during washing.
As for the cuts, the bras are generally very functional, since there are some that have removable straps, which can be removed if you want to use a strapless blouse.

There is also sexy lingerie, this is used when you want to be sensual or provocative for your partner. This garment is usually made of silk and lace and whose cuts are very revealing, which allows the lady’s silhouette to be favored. Some of these garments can be the popular baby doll, transparent garments, garter belts, corsets, among others.

In the same way, there is homemade lingerie, which is a combination of the above and is designed for those women who want to highlight their figure a little while being comfortable.

Finally, the word lingerie is also used to refer to bedding, that is, quilts, sets of sheets, etc. And also to bath clothes such as towels.