Lifetime is a term applied to refer to an object that lasts over time since it is acquired until the end of life, an example of a lifelong item would be an important position in a company, membership in a club and for purposes. Many years ago there was a figure known as life senator whose position was obtained by former presidents at the end of their term, this was offered without the need for a vote or a trial period, over the years this position was eliminated of the constitutional laws of each nation.

On the other hand, there had been an opinion on the position of president for life, said title was offered in different countries that were subject to dictatorship, with the aim of eradicating any law that displayed an expiration date for his mandate, another political position that was offered as for life was that of consul, an example of this was Napoleon Bonaparte, a national of France in the year 1800.

The first high-ranking man who wanted to be president or a governor for life was Julius Caesar during the time of the Roman Republic, approximately 45 years before Christ, this dictator called himself perpetual in power until he died, at that time the mandate maximum was 6 months or half a year. From this moment on, there were many dictators who imitated this position seeking to satisfy their desire for power, while others were appointed as leaders by their subjects and by legislators who did not deny the will of their superiors.