Liberalism is a type of philosophical doctrine of a political, social and economic nature which is responsible for defending the freedom of each person and poses resistance to the fact that the government interferes in civil matters. In the same way, it is characterized by being a system that promotes tolerance in human relations as well as its freedom, based on the idea of ​​free will. Liberalism is strongly opposed to other doctrines such as despotism, conservatism and absolutism, not to mention totalitarian, absolutist and dictatorial systems of government. What today is known as the rule of law, is an idea that is based mainly on liberalism and just as in this case it also occurs in those that are the division of powers and participatory democracy.

The concept of liberalism is associated with two elements, one is economic and the other is social. The first, for its part, is used in the liberal principles of material aspects of people, such as the non-intervention of a government in the economic affairs of the population, for which proposals are usually made such as the reduction of tariffs as low as possible. as well as the eradication of regulatory mechanisms in the commercial, industrial and productive sectors, all of this is supported by the arguments that defend equal conditions for all people, which in turn is reflected in fair competition.

On the other hand, in the social aspect, liberalism is used mainly in the principles of political freedom of each person, for which it is responsible for abhorring the intrusion by government entities in matters relating to procedures of a private nature of each person and in their interpersonal relationships. That is why social liberalism is responsible for promoting the free choice of religion as well as the right to express oneself freely without fear of reprisals, in addition to fervently defending the different types of relationships.

Politically, liberalism is characterized by the fact that power falls on the citizens, that is to say that the people are responsible for choosing those who will represent them freely, this means that democracy is the system that dominates liberalism.