It is a category within genres in literature; Specifically, its origin dates back to the time of the Middle Ages where it was used to define the terms in terms of Roman law, where it is stated that to execute any legal act, the magistrate responsible for that region must be notified in the first instance, this was done by means of writing or drafting an act in which there would be all the reasons to execute a legal measure against any person, in other words the libel is the writing of a document that exposes a certain subject that is competent to be received by the magistrate .

Over time, it ceased to be an exclusive literary form for legal elements and began to spread throughout the world dealing with issues outside the legal sphere; the libelists are those who are in charge of writing the libel, when it began to be used freely by the public, that libel was classified as clandestine or defamatory, this was as a way of distinguishing the legal libel from the popular libel that was free in the market of each region. Generally, a libel was a book of little size, it was characterized by being very short works or writings of little writing, so these should have a short, clear, precise and concise development of what was written; this is the reason why libels are applied in statements or stories that are based on defamation or lies, these can be written in verses just like poems as well as can be recounted in the form of a song by the reader .