The word level is applied to describe the change in height that a totally horizontal surface can have; This surface can be of any state, in fact this word is accepted for changes in height both on land and in water, for example changes in level that exist in the night tide among other situations where the water rises. Other definitions for level include to describe measures related to a specific scale, such as salt level in a recipe; in turn, this term can be used to describe ranges or categories (eg: preschool: 1st level, 2nd level, 3rd level).

According to these definitions, the instrument of the mason, carpenter, blacksmith and other workers is also known as level, which allows to appreciate the difference or equality of height between two specific points, whether they are together or at a distance; This is used when maintaining an equal height for each structure that it is making, thus checking the vertical or horizontal shape of a specific piece.

Revealing the breadth of this term, this word can also be applied to describe the ladder to which a person is according to their purchasing power, these were imposed by society by class or socioeconomic levels (high, medium, low). In turn, according to its conceptuality, this is a word indicated to assess the hierarchical order that is applied to execute the learning of individuals, for this reason there are categories regarding the educational preparation that a person has, classified as: school, high school , intermediate technician, university superior technician, bachelor’s degree, doctorate, magisters, etc., the higher the level of study, the more knowledge is gained; In this way, a comparison can be made in the educational field that a specific person has.

At the same time “level” is a term that is applied a lot in the world of video games, in these virtual worlds the players must meet or overcome different tests that said game has, the more they pass, they change the environment in the game, scaling new levels .