The term Legal makes direct reference to any subject related to law. Generally used as an adjective, we can find that its use is closely linked to the laws and regulations. Legal sciences are scientific studies in which a compendium of laws and regulations previously studied and debated in congresses and plenary halls of those who legislate is imposed on society. They are in charge of evaluating the social panorama and creating barriers and legal dimensions to maintain order.

A legal framework is one that takes shape when a situation merits the legal scope for its resolution, not all the laws are present, but there are those necessary to be applied to the resolution of the problem.

The subject of law is very extensive, the legal represents a reinforcement, not only as a word or as an adjective, but rather as a fundamental part of the new era of law. The systematization of the legal system represents that the organization seeks to make it clear that the administration is correct, including the set of heteronomous, external, coercive and bilateral norms that govern the conduct of a society in a given time and space.

For a legal act to exist as such, that is to say that the expression of the will of the person who performs it is protected by the Law, it is necessary that it meet a series of elements of existence and validity. A thesis, for example, must have at least a theoretical and legal framework that supports the approach to the problem, with the legal framework in hand and the necessary tools, it is possible to determine whether or not it is feasible to carry out a certain project. A legal act can be carried out in situations of demand for rights, in which the lawyers will present the case and take the situation to the maximum consequences, in which security measures are dictated for the welfare and justice.

The word Legal is used to establish a judicial and legal presence in a situation. Its mere stay in a simple sentence suggests that the laws that are necessary will be applied to free the consequences of the acts.