Legal Sciences

Legal Sciences, also called legal sciences, are those that carry out the complex and constant study of the legal system and its application in society. The Legal Sciences perform interpretations of the norm and it is through social phenomena that it is determined if these work properly or need to be reformed. The foundation of these sciences is basically the problem between humans. In a community of people, interactions and relationships are established, to establish the parameters on which these relationships are based, this law must be fully complied with, otherwise, those who defend justice must act with discipline to enforce it.

The Legal Sciences as society advanced along with it, always trying to keep a step forward with the aim of keeping the relationship between the people of the community and foreigners with the inhabitants of the population under control. The history of Roman Law shows us what life is like for that individual who wanted to conquer, dominate and expand his power throughout an entire region. The different stages of the Roman government (monarchy, republic and empire) show us an interesting feature of the legal sciences in antiquity and when comparing them with what is understood today by law, it gives us to understand the relevance of the facts that were generated in that epoch.

The greatest responsibility that legal sciences have is to integrate all humans into a rational system of laws that, although it is true that it is rooted in customary law, must be maintained together with a standard of principles and values ​​such as morality, equity and justice. Maintaining a balance in society between the objective right (the established norm) and the subjective right (man’s ability to decide his destiny) can be called an art, a profession that is studied every day, as new situations are faced the man. The legal sciences are studied by man in various ways, really, what gives so many nuances to the study of law, are the cultures, customs and traditions that man carries with him in community.