The term Leader comes from English leader, and refers to lead, guide, direct, leader or boss. A leader is the individual of a group who exerts a greater influence on others, he is considered a boss or guide, he presents the ability to convince others to work with enthusiasm to achieve the defined objectives.

In most groups (political, religious, society, sports club, etc.) there is a leader, who is characterized by occupying the highest position within the group.

Although the functions exercised by a leader are of different types, the executive and management functions stand out among them. Likewise, the leader plans the group’s activities, represents the group vis-à-vis the outside, mediates conflicts and, when necessary, stipulates rewards and punishments.

He is also in charge of introducing new ideas into the group in order to keep it alive, he seeks new perspectives and is the one who prepares the balance sheets and synthesis of the group. In general, the leader does not assume all these functions, but delegates some of them to others close to him.

Personal leadership is considered one of the habits of excellence for the human being, with it it gives a sense of orientation to his life, first decides what are the things that should be done, in addition to providing meaning to the life of each person, understanding that there is a greater need for a vision, for a destination, than for a map; that is why leaders make their life a vision, not a career.

There are various forms of leadership, which depend on the objectives of the group, the type of norms established in it and, above all, the personality and persuasive ability of the leader. First of all, you have authoritarian leader, characterized by not consulting the group before making a decision. A second type is the democratic leader, which allows the group to have an opinion and take part in decisions. Finally, the liberal leader, which only decides when the group asks.

On the other hand, the concept leader also refers to the person or team that leads a sports competition or any activity. For instance; Manchester United remains the leader of the English football league for this week.