The trade of editorial design is known as layout that is responsible for organizing written, visual and in some cases audiovisual content in print and electronic media, such as books, newspapers and magazines, in a space.

Strictly speaking, the act of layout is only related to the distribution of elements in a specific space on the page, while editorial design includes broader phases of the process, from the graphic project to the production processes called prepress (preparation for print), press (printing) and post-press (finishing). However, generally the entire graphic aspect of publishing and journalistic activity is known by the term layout.

Every graphic designer, when he begins his work, is faced with the problem of how to organize the set of printed design elements (text, headlines, images) within a given space, in such a way as to achieve an aesthetic balance between them.

Maquetar’s design consists of formatting the documents, the entire set of elements that compose it, the images, the texts, etc.

The modern designer (layout designer) must be trained and educated in design principles and not leave layout work to mere taste. The exercise of understanding the different communicational aspects involved in ordering informational elements on the page requires professional knowledge and experience to convey the message more efficiently.

The main idea of ​​a website layout consists of the distribution of the elements of a page, that is, texts, images, links and graphics arranged in an orderly manner. Whoever performs this activity in a professional way is a graphic designer. Designing a website implies giving a certain format to all the elements of a page.

There are computer programs that allow you to design books in a simple way and without having to resort to a graphic design professional. In this way, writers with limited resources can not only write their creations, but also design and edit their own book. A simple solution is the layout in Word. However, there are specific programs for design, such as Adobe Indesign or QuarkPress. Design programs have a comprehensive set of tools (for example, document preflighting) that ensure an attractive book design.