Posterior is an adjective to indicate, to describe a position at the back of something, the most relevant aspects of the word posterior fall on the condition of referring to what is behind, the word simply serves as a reference to a sample of what we do not see with the naked eye, in general, a 180-degree look at what is being observed can yield the necessary views of what is behind what we are seeing. In addition to this, the word later also covers the scope of time, referring to actions that will occur in the not too distant future, since it can always be immediately after what is happening today.

Posterior is a term that should not be considered as technical, however society with ease of speech and diction prefers to say after or following, this gives us to understand that the word posterior is more formal, directed to those contexts that are generally related to study careers or official formalities of management and labor education. It only remains to refer by means of examples the application of the word later in everyday life:

Anatomy frequently uses the term to describe the parts of the body that are in the opposite part with respect to a certain reference axis, in the case of quadrupedal animals it is considered from the front when it is seen from the head backwards, the legs front, are those that are under the back that are frontal and those that are behind are called hind legs. In the human body, the reference is the face, the chest and the front part of the legs, everything that is necessary to turn around to contemplate it is considered posterior. Unlike anterior, posterior refers to what is subject to what we see from the front, anterior defines an after, separate, beyond what is being seen directly.