Laissez-faire leadership

It is recognized for being very liberal, which is why its denomination as laissez faire leadership, which is an expression of French origin and whose translation means “let do”, in this model the leader is a passive figure that allows his subordinates to have all the control of what is being done since they are provided with all the information and tools required to carry out the tasks and where the leader will only intervene if the subordinate requests his help.

The leader in this case is characterized by playing a very liberal and passive role where he “does and lets do”, since the workers are the ones in power, this is because on paper the subordinates must be people with a lot of professionalism. and that they know what they are doing when making difficult decisions, which can be a problem if subordinates do not really have enough capacity to handle themselves. The leader will have very little influence on the achievement of the company’s objectives, they prefer to make the rules very clear, to interfere as little as possible in the activities, the opinions they provide are neutral, so their participation is almost null, he only participates if he is asked to do so since the power to make decisions has been delegated to his colleagues, he does not evaluate any type of activity.

For many, this type of leadership is not feasible since there must always be an order and for this it is necessary for someone to impose it, since when it comes to solving a conflict it would be much more complicated to find a solution to it since individualism becomes present and nobody gives their arm to twist, in case of not having the necessary knowledge or the experience required by the position, the north of the organization may be lost and, consequently, its goal will not be met.

Like everything, this type of leadership cannot be all bad since it has some advantages that can be taken into account, for example, in cases where the leader is not in the company, his subordinates are able to continue with the work, tasks can be delegated more easily, workers feel taken into account by having greater responsibilities, in addition to feeling greater freedom by not working under pressure.