Laceration can be defined as a break that occurs in the skin, which can be of varying severity. Minor lacerations involve little pain and bleeding, with no numbness or tingling in the area. These types of wounds usually heal in a short time, without having to go to the doctor.

Nevertheless; the word laceration presents a habitual use in colloquial language, which only comes from the reference just exposed, and which is then used to express that puncture wound that he suffered in the heart as a consequence of a love, affective disappointment, among others. The laceration that his deception caused in my soul has no return or forgiveness.

There is a wide variety of possible causes of lacerations ranging from burns, cuts, infections or skin tears. The treatment to treat this type of wound varies depending on the case, but in most situations it requires time and patience to reconstitute the skin again.

In other words, we can give the concept a symbolic use to express that emotional wound suffered before any action or event.

The skin laceration represents in most cases a superficial wound. There are some methods and actions to perform that constitute the first aid and the first approach to heal the wound. First, the wound must be cleaned to prevent it from being affected by the presence of foreign materials. If the person is not an expert, they should wait until this cleanup job is done by a specialist at the site or at the primary care site.

In the event that the injury or injury is caused by the presence of a foreign object, it should not be removed or removed until it is in the hands of a specialist. At the same time, if there is bleeding, you should try to control it by mechanical or manual means, but you should never give any kind of medicine without the doctor’s permission. Also, if the wound is on the skin, it should be covered with suitable dressings, even if it is to protect it from air, dust, bacteria and other external agents.

They usually resolve with the use of antibiotics that control and prevent the possibility of an internal infection. At the same time, different types of creams and gels can be supplied that are special to restore the skin to superficial wounds. These products are also very helpful in soothing pain, irritation, and itchiness that people may experience.