A labyrinth is a site made up of roads and crossroads, designed in a complex way with the aim of disorienting anyone who ventures to enter it. The oldest labyrinths are located in Egypt and were square or rectangular in shape. It was only until the end of the 7th century BC that circular ones appeared. They are classified into two groups: within the first group are the classic and unicursal labyrinths, they are those that allow, when entering it, to travel the entire space until reaching the center through a single path or path, that is to say that they do not There are alternative paths that allow confusion, in this kind of labyrinth it is difficult to get lost inside it, since they have a single entrance, which is the same one where you leave.

In the second group are the mazes of mazes, which is made up of alternative paths, which mean that once inside it you have the option to choose one path or another, which will allow you to exit the maze or not. The first of this type were made in the gardens of England, around the 12th century, then they spread throughout Europe, especially in France and Italy.

One of the best-known labyrinths is the Cretan labyrinth, designed by Daedalus at the request of King Minos of Crete (hence the name) to guard his captive minotaur son (a half-man, half-bull creature). This is found within the classic labyrinths.

Another classic labyrinth is the Baltic, these have two entrances and a center, and even if they have two entrances, they are inside the unicursals because once you are inside it, you only have one way to get to the center, and once you are arrives, you do not make the same path to exit, but you continue until you exit through the opposite entrance through which you entered.

Currently, mazes are used for entertainment purposes, there are many amusement parks that have games in the form of a maze, for example there is the mirror maze, where the person travels a path full of mirrors to reach the exit. , during the route the person makes a mistake and can even bump into the mirrors believing that he has reached the exit.