Labor is an adjective with which a specific activity is classified and related to events in which an interest or purpose of a group of people is manifested to develop a product, provide a service or complete the goals of an administrative system. In short, work is what has to do with work. There are cases in which the term of employment is not directly related to the relationship between a boss and an employee, but rather complements this social connection in some way.

what is labor

The term is defined as an adjective that is applied to refer to the execution of activities related to work or employment. The last words are conceptualized as an activity, whether intellectual or physical, that, when executed, makes the person receive remuneration within the framework of an institution, activity or social organization.

This term is also characterized by having different meanings, for example, it can be mentioned as a kind of working day within the workplace, since there is an indeterminate number of people making efforts or activities for institutional purposes, complying with their rules, rights and obligations.

However, it can also be used as a legal employment relationship, that is, everything related to the laws and regulations that govern work at political levels, so that the State and other relevant institutions can resolve any concerns, situations or demands. derived from work stress.

Etymologically speaking, the term comes from the Latin laboris, whose meaning alludes to a job that consequently leads to the practice of physical or, failing that, intellectual activities.

Labor sphere

It refers to the space or environment where people perform different tasks. It is very important to highlight the importance for a person to be working in a good environment or work environment. This aspect is made up of all the aspects that influence the activities that take place within the office, factory, etc.

Every day, organizations are taking precautions regarding what a good work environment is so that their employees feel comfortable performing their tasks, either due to labor flexibility or benefits.

Working environment

It is very common that in the work areas there are certain links with human relations, if a person has a work relationship full of respect and cooperation with their colleagues and their bosses, then their environment is going to be pleasant, now, if for On the contrary, the person is conflictive and gets along badly with everyone, his environment will be a nightmare and he will be susceptible to triggering work stress and workplace harassment.

work motivation

This aspect not only focuses on the programs that each company must have to meet the needs of employees, it goes beyond help, as it focuses on keeping its workers knowledgeable and well paid.

It is important to remember that the success of a business is not only the result of sales, investments or monetary income, on the contrary, it is measured by its workers and the motivation they have every day. For this reason, bosses promote a motivation that can cover many aspects, for example, an increase in salary according to their work performance, the delivery of monthly bonuses, promotion of positions, among others.

Job performance

Within companies, there is a department that is responsible for the supervision and evaluation of job performance, this area is called human resources. This evaluation uses a series of special tools and mechanisms typical of a labor observatory, which serve to measure individual compliance and the effect of employees within the company, in order to know if they meet the initial objectives. of the organization of work.

An example of this aspect is when the employee carries out his work without any problem, with good motivation and under suitable environments. When he completes his activity on time, he demonstrates good performance.

Working market

Labor - Market or job fair

It is a market in which both labor supply and demand are intertwined. In the case of supply, it is formed by a group of workers willing to carry out activities within a work site. The demand, on the contrary, is the group of companies and businesses that are in charge of looking for personnel to hire them and that they form part of their workers.

This market is extremely important throughout the world, because thanks to it there is growth both in terms of work and the economy at a global level. This, in turn, is classified into three important aspects that will be explained below.

Work experience

This is all the knowledge that a person has acquired by carrying out a specific activity. It should be noted that these experiences are an essential requirement in the curriculum vitae, since not only the companies or businesses where they worked are specified there, but also the dates of entry and exit, the functions performed during the working day and the achievements obtained. .

Discrimination in the work area

It is a difference in the treatment of an employee, which is perpetrated by the rest of the co-workers or, failing that, by the bosses. This can have different causes, however, in most cases it has nothing to do with the performance performed.

When faced with this type of discrimination, the employee is seriously affected mentally and professionally, as they affect everything from their private life to their rights and wages at work. This can lead to a labor lawsuit because the act generates moral damages. A common example of this is discrimination for having low economic resources.

Work contract

All work relationships between an employee and their employer must be supported and documented with an employment contract, that is, a legal document that represents the agreement between both parties to carry out physical or intellectual activities in a certain company in exchange for remuneration. . The contract stipulates both the duties and the rights of the employment relationship.

Disciplines related to the labor field

There are different disciplines that are related to this field, in fact, in one way or another they work together, either to resolve conflicts or establish limits in the employment relationship between the employee and the employer.

Occupational psychology

It is nothing more than a branch of social psychology that is responsible for studying the behavior of people within the company, that is, when they carry out work activities. It is important because it analyzes the relationship and behavior of people when they are working.

labor law

It is that branch of law that regulates the employment relationship from a juridical and legal point of view. Labor law legislates based on the relationship and protection of both parts of a company, both the worker and the employer are protected and committed to their rights and duties.

All countries have a particular law that establishes a compendium of regulations in which not only the connection is controlled, but vital parameters are established such as the limit of wages and salaries and working hours, which vary according to the type of government administration, the essence of labor law is to print the social characteristics to the relationship to sustain equity in the established treatment.

labor economics

It is nothing more than one of the branches of economics that specializes in studying people’s work environment, although of course, it will always depend on the approach adopted in economic science, since certain aspects have special characteristics that distinguish themselves from the rest. It is important because thanks to it, the economy of the company, profits and monetary expenses are studied.

Occupational medicine

It is a specialty of medicine in which different medical evaluations are carried out on the workers of a certain company, in this way, conditions, illnesses or disabilities of the employees can be detected. Its importance lies in the fact that, thanks to this aspect, employees have medical services in the event of an accident at work or post-contract illnesses.

Job security

Labor - Occupational safety measures

It is a set of activities, measures or tools that are developed to eliminate or reduce risks in a company or workplace. Job training has a lot to do here because thanks to experience, a person can be given a job because they know exactly what to do and avoid risks. This is important because with security, the company is equipped with adequate material to avoid accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Labor

What is labor?

It is a set of physical or intellectual activities that are carried out in a workplace.

What is the work environment?

It is nothing more than the place where work activities are carried out.

What is the labor market?

It is an important market in the world in which labor supply and demand are intertwined.

How to get work experience?

This is obtained through training and job performance in different institutions, fulfilling certain activities.

What are the causes of work stress?

Being in a conflictive place, that there is harassment, bullying or a bad salary.